The video below was recorded on 08-Aug-2016 on Ijaye Farm. Despite the poor videography, it is instructive to watch how Seshan harvests fruit that would otherwise be out of reach by climbing the tree. A Malaysian knife would also work at this height, but the ANPOP workers prefer this climbing method. It is not clear how far off the ground this approach would be safe and/or feasible.

This video was initially recorded on 14Sep2012. 150 litres of oil were produced that day. The sterilization had started the evening before. The video was revised in October 2013 to include clips of the splitting, cleaning and sterilization of the fruit, recorded on 24Sep2013. About 200 litres were produced on 24Sep2013.
The following videos were recorded in early October 2010.
This clip shows a fruit bunch being harvested at Omodeni 1 farm, near Fiditi. The plantation manager, who is harvesting this bunch as a demonstration, briefly discusses the separate steps of harvesting, picking and splitting, all leading to a bag full of harvested fruits.
Follow this link to view a video of the main step of oil palm fruit processing following local methods. The harvested fruits are boiled first, then put into the machine illustrated in this clip.